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We switched our profile supplier to e-stimate in February 2011. Before that we worked only with a personality profile, and we used the profile almost only in relation to recruitment.

Today, we use 3 profiles from e-stimate, the Behavioural profile, the Five-factor profile and the Strength profile.

In terms of recruiting highly skilled white-collar employees, we now use the Behavioural profile and Five-factor profile in combination; the Behavioural profile is great to open up the dialogue with a new candidate and it works very well as a point of reference, e.g. for appraisals, during the employment. The Five-factor profile gives access to the ‘finer details’, personality traits, which either support or work against the success of the employee given the tasks and responsibilities and the culture, and it clearly states what we need to address in order to evaluate the candidate. In summary, when it comes to recruitment, we feel far more confident in our decisions now with e-stimate as our supplier of profile tools.

When it comes to developing individuals, we have found that the Behavioural profile and the Strength profile are extremely efficient to start an open and honest dialogue, with an appreciative approach. The pedagogical and straightforward, keeping-it-simple, approach appeals strongly to employees at all levels, enabling the facilitator to perform optimally in a coaching dialogue and make the employee ‘shine’ going forward, and perform at his/her absolute best. Of course this is the most important reason why managers are lining up to get their respective teams ‘profiled’. We have had many types of company, department or team workshops, with different angles and purposes, based upon the profiles, all with great success.

In short, using e-stimate’s profiles makes

  • our organisation more confident in the decision-making when hiring (Five-factor profile + Behavioural profile)
  • our employees feel more appreciated, knowing that we seek to angle tasks and communication to fit their motivations (Behavioural profile + Strength profile)
  • our teams (incl. top management) work more efficiently through better communication and mutual understanding (Team Behavioural profile)

We have no other suppliers who – to the same degree as e-stimate – has demonstrated their willingness, speed and high quality, in adapting to our needs, to offer special services, and develop additional features, just as e-stimate is very unique in their willingness to share knowledge with customers. We have in the past had no other profile tool, which could be implemented as quickly and painlessly, or as inexpensively, as the ones from e-stimate.
Hanne Alsen, HR Consultant
Martin Professional A/S